Lapmaster AC400F-LT
Agathon Combi 400 Plus 4-Axis CNC
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GE Tooling
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ATI Stelram
HSS/Carbide Slitting Saws
PCD/CBN Inserts
Thread Whirler
Glendower specialise in inserts for Milling Tools Threading, Threadmilling, Thread Whirling, Diamond Tipped Inserts, Carbide Tipped Tools, Carbide Saws and V-Cut Scoring Saws for PCB, Special Purpose Tooling, PCD Tipped Inserts, Face Milling, Copy Milling, Disc Milling, Helical Milling.

All Glendower manufactured items are supported with a quality range of tooling including milling cutters and toolholders, compatible with ISO classification, providing our customers with assured quality and service.
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All of our Manufactured Inserts are ground on the latest Agathon 4-Axis CNC.
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