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Glendower continually upgrade their manufacturing facility to incorporate the latest available technology. This allows Glendower to offer its customers access to any standard or special cutting tool requirement not readily available in the UK.

Glendower specialise in inserts for Milling Tools Threading, Threadmilling, Thread Whirling, Diamond Tipped Inserts, Carbide Tipped Tools, Carbide Saws and V-Cut Scoring Saws for PCB, Special Purpose Tooling, PCD Tipped Inserts, Face Milling, Copy Milling, Disc Milling, Helical Milling.

All Glendower manufactured items are supported with a quality range of tooling including milling cutters and toolholders, compatible with ISO classification, providing our customers with assured quality and service.

It is the established policy of Glendower Cutting Tools Ltd to provide its customers with products fit for intended purpose, delivered on time, at the right price and in conformance with National Standards.
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Agathon Combi 400 Plus
4 Axis CNC
Featuring periphery, K-Lands and chip breaking grooves, the Agathon COMBI plus is designed to grind both sides of an indexable insert in one clamping. The universal field-proven machine concept of the earlier 350 COMBI has been continued with the new version, whilst the efficiency of the machine has been dramatically enhanced.
The 4-axis indexable insert grinding machine COMBI plus provides the user with maximum efficiency and reliability. A large range of inserts - from the very straightforward ISO-standard insert to the most demanding inserts (e.g. inserts for the manufacturing of crankshafts) - can be ground entirely in one single operation.
Featuring periphery, K-Lands and chip breaking grooves, the Agathon COMBI plus is designed to grind both sides of an indexable insert in one clamping.
Agathon Combi 400 Plus - Insert grinding
Glendower Cutting Tools Ltd
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