Thread Milling

Thread Milling
Glendower thread milling tools are based on indexable multitooth inserts.

The cutter rotates around itself at high speed and at the same time moves along the helical path. All the teeth are machined simultaneously so every tooth creates one pitch. At the end of the operation all pitches are combined into one complete thread and that by one pass only. This result is achieved with  high accuracy inserts and use of a CNC milling machine.
Thread Milling
is a method for producing a thread by a milling operation. The most common way to produce a thread is still by tapping and turning but today we see more and more milling and this is because CNC milling machines with three simultaneous axes are very popular. These can now be found in every small workshop.
Vargus' thread milling carbide metal cutting tool system has been recognized as the industry standard since its initial patented "trapezoidal" indexable system design was introduced.
Vardex Standard Thread Milling Cutters with indexable inserts
Thread Milling, Turning, Milling.
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Your workpiece is very large and cannot be easily mounted on a lathe
Your workpiece is non-rotatable or parts are unsymmetrical
You want to want to complete the drilling and threading operation in one clamping
You have a power limitation on your milling machining
You have chip-flow problems
A high quality surface finish is required on your thread
You want to reduce your tooling costs.
Thread milling has become an increasingly popular alternative to tapping. For example, thread milling is a great choice over tapping when:
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